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Another slot in my rotation is done and I can show you a WIP picture. Boy was this work a little bit tiresome. I guess you get my point when you see my picture. The picture shows you a 10 hours stitching. This project is full of confetti stitches but the outcome is so wonderful which makes it all worth while. But now I get to put it away until the slot comes back in my rotation. Here is the picture.
Warwickshire Ring 020109
I have also updated the page with information on my rotation. I feel like I am moving along with my rotation again and I feel great about that, it came to a standstill in November and for the most part of December because of many things. But now I am on the roll again.

My next project in line is the Santa by Bucilla. I have been working on this forever and ever and I would like to get this finished this round and it can be done. I have finished all the cross stitched and “only” have the backstitching to do. So, I hope to have a Happy Dance on Saturday as DH is working all weekend and I have the weekends all to myself and I plan to use the time to stitch. So, stay tuned and it wouldn’t hurt to hear a little cheer. 🙂

When I have finished working on the Bucilla Santa slot it will mark the end of working on Group 1. And that means that I will start working again on the first project on Group 1 and will be adding a Group 2. I finished Lizzie Kate Blessings this round so I have to choose another WIP to replace it and I have decided that this will be Lizzie Kate Flip-Its. I am looking forward to begin working on it again.

Well, enough for now, I have the day off from work today so that gives me some extra stitching time. LOL 🙂

Have a wonderful day and I hope you’ll stop by soon again.

Edit: Chiloe – I wanted to answer your question. This project is a kit called “Warwickshire Ring” by Classic Embroidery. If you click here you can see how it is supposed to look like when it is finished. We cruised this “ring” on a narrowboat that we hired in England last summer and my husband bought this kit and gave it to me to stitch as a reminder of our holiday. 🙂


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