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Sunday and Monday I did work a little bit on the secret project, I didn’t finish it as I had planned but I made some further progress on it. I got hooked on knitting instead. I bought some “Léttlopi” (Lopi Light – icelandic wool) in beautiful purple colour and started a dress for Jóhanna Brynja, my youngest daughter. I have to take it very easy with my knitting though as my right elbow has been giving me some trouble lately.

I did stitch on Nature’s Home on Tuesday. This stitching session involved a lot of confetti stitching so I don’t think I made a lot of progress but I guess I’ll be able to finish off this block next time. Here are before and after pictures.

I really enjoy working on this afghan and I love to see it grow. I’ll have to post an update on the whole afghan soon. 🙂

I didn’t stitch anything last night, instead I did fall sleep in front of the television after we had taken down all the Christmas decorations.

Tonight I am starting the second round of my rotation and the first project will be Lizzie Kate Blocks Flip-It. I haven’t worked on this for quite a while but as I did finish the Lizzie Kate Blessings last round I decided to replace that with another Lizzie Kate project. Here is a picture of the project as it is now before I start working on it.

Lizzie Kate Blocks Flip-Its

There is quite a lot to do over the weekend. Rúnar and I are going out on Friday night. Rúnar was given tickets to a concert by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. I am looking forward to going. They are playing music by Franz Lehár, Johann Strauss and Leonard Bernstein. It has been a while since we have been out just the two of us.

I’ll spend Saturday baking and cleaning for a birthday party. Jóhanna Brynja is turning 3 years old on Saturday, January 10th and we are going to invite some friends and relatives over for coffee and cakes on Sunday. I probably won’t give you an update again until Sunday or Monday.

I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be looking forward to you visiting me again.

P.S.  I am going to update the rotation page in a little while to give you and idea of what Round 2 is going to look like. 🙂


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