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Looking back……

My memories took me back 3 years today while I was watching Jóhanna Brynja play. January 10th, 2006 at 18:58 Jóhanna Brynja entered our lives via emergency c-section. I didn’t see her for the first few hours of her live as she had to be put into an incubator as she had been struggling a little and needed to recover. This day turned out to be so much different from what I had expected. This is what she looked like at first.
Jóhanna Brynja newborn

Today looking at her I see a beautiful little (sorry, I must say BIG – she is not little as she claims now) girl. She knows exactly what she wants and won’t take no for an answer. She will try to reason with you forever and it is so much fun to have a conversation with her. Here is a picture of my “BIG” girl Jóhanna Brynja who is 3 years old today. Happy Birthday my sweet girl. We love you.
Jóhanna Brynja 3 years old

And I notice that I haven’t posted a picture of my girls lately so here is one taken on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2008. I had forgotten how difficult it is to get a nice picture of 3 kids at the same time but here we go. My oldest one Hjálmfríður Bríet is 11 years old, Jóhanna Brynja is 3 years old and Friðbjörg Lilja will turn 9 years old on April 4th.
My girls in December 2008

We are busy preparing for a birthday party which is taking place tomorrow. I am looking forward to having some family and friends over to celebrate with us.

Hope you are having a great weekend and I will most likely stitch some more after cleaning up tomorrow. I am planning a quiet evening. 🙂


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