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Thank you for the birthday wishes for Jóhanna Brynja. We had a lovely day with family and friends celebrating the birthday. Unfortunately in the evening when I was putting Jóhanna Brynja to sleep we discovered that she was running a fever and was red all over her torso. Took her to the doctor yesterday and it turned out she has scarlet fever. So we got back home with a dose of penincillin which she has to take for the next 10 days. She is feeling a lot better now after she started the medicine.

I stayed home yesterday with Jóhanna Brynja and we spent the day just taking it easy. Jóhanna Brynja watched TV while I stitched. I managed to finish two projects. I can’t show you a picture as one is a secret stitch that can’t be revealed yet and the other one is for the Monthly Challenge at Jayne’s Attic Message Board. But I can tell you that this month we are to stitch a Papillion designs freebie. We could choose which freebie we wanted to do. Now I just have to finish it and I plan to try something I haven’t done before. I’ll show you later. 🙂

I am staying home today with Jóhanna Brynja and today I am working on my Nature’s Home afghan again. When I have finished stitching tonight I am going to take a picture of the whole afghan to show you how far I’ve got.  Chiloe: I’m sorry I forgot to answer your question about my afghan. I am stitching this on 14ct Aida fabric as a whole picture. I decided against doing this as an afghan.

Now on to the second part of this blog title. A while ago I signed up for my first PIF on Carol’s Blog. Now it is time to look for “victims”, I’ve never done this before but let’s hope someone will sign up with me. 🙂  You can sign up in the comments below.
Here are the rules
1) if you want to sign up, just leave a comment here telling me you want to sign up; 2) I will send you something hand made within the year of 2009; 3) you will need to post a note similar to this in your blog and recruit three to five members to also send gifts to – thus, it is PIF (Pay It Forward) – no ifs, ands or buts… if you sign up, you gotta post in your blog and take sign ups, OK?


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