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Yesterday was tuesday so I was working on my Nature’s Home Afghan. I stayed at home with Jóhanna Brynja again and could stitch a little more than usual. I promised you all a picture of the whole afghan to show you my progress, it will come in the end. Here is first a picture from last week.

And this is how far I got last night. I couldn’t quite finish the block, I still have 6 more leaves to do before it is finished so that will have to wait until next week. Last night was filled with thread change and confetti stitches but I really enjoy my Tuesday evenings working on my afghan.

The picture below shows you how much is done already. The blocks are 30 in total. I have finished 7 blocks already and the 8th block is almost finished. So I still have quite much left to do. The tree has got 4 more blocks left to do and I plan to finish the tree before I move on to the birdhouses.

Status full size on 130109

I decided to use a 14ct Aida for this project, I have never stitched on an afghan fabric and saw this project stitched on the same Aida that I am using and loved it that way. If you are wondering how this afghan will look like when it is finished you can visit Erla Björk on her blog to see it. She has already finished her afghan and it is just stunning. Click here to see it.

Wednesday – Saturday I am going back to stitching my rotation projects. Tonight I am continuing with Lizzie Kate Blocks Flip-It and I plan to finish the 10 hours on it tomorrow, I’ll show you a picture when it is done. I think this routine is working fine now that everything is back to normal after Christmas.

I wanted to remind you of my PIF – you can read about it on my last blog entry. I have got one participant but need two more. I am looking forward to have you visiting me again, until then, take care and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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