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Last night I continued stitching on my Nature’s Home Afghan and again I stitched nothing but with brown colour. I managed to finish another block and to start the next part of the tree. I am slowly getting closer to finishing the tree and I can promise you I’ll do a huge happy dance once all the brown stitching is finished. Here is a picture from last night.

It has been snowing almost non stop today so we have a lot of snow outside. I don’t particularly enjoy the snow especially if I have to drive around in it.  I spent today on a very interesting seminar on autism. Learnt some new things and had a lovely day.

Tonight is back to my rotation stitching. Next in line is the Warwickshire Ring. I am looking forward to stitching on it and I’ll show you a progress picture when the 10 hour slot is finished. Not sure when that will happen.

I have got a dentist appointment for tomorrow, I am not particularly looking forward to that one but it is something that must be done once in a while. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Looking forward to your visit again. Until next time – hugs and kisses to you all.


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