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The heading says it all.  I haven’t had much time to blog lately but I’ve been doing a lot of things. There are quite a few photos that I would like to show you.

First let me start off with my stitching happy dances. The first one is a part of my rotation. I had quite a few projects in my WIP/UFO pile that only needed a few stitches to be finished, I include those into my rotation every second slot so I am finishing quite a few WIP/UFO’s as I go. On saturday I finished one of those projects. This one is a Ozark SAL from 2007. It is stitched on a piece of evenweave which was handdyed by Jayne at Jayne’s Attic and all the threads used are dyed by Mary at Ozark Sampler. I really enjoyed working on this piece and I don’t really know why it became an UFO for me. But here it is all finished up.
Ozark SAL 2007

With the Ozark SAL 2007 slot finished in my rotation it is time to move to the next slot. Now I am stitching on Under the Friendship Tree which is a Mirabilia design. I had started this some months ago and really love this piece. I did manage to stitch on it for 2 hours before I had to put it down. But it will be back in my hands on wednesday when I’ll continue stitching on it. I wanted to show you a picture of it as it was before I started working on it again.
Under the friendship Tree

I have another stitching happy dance that happened just today. I’ve been taking part in the Oakhaven Design SAL and I quite enjoy it. We can send a picture to Tonia at Oakhaven Designs when we have finished a part of the SAL and she will then send us the next part. So we get to choose how fast/slow we stitch each part. I really love her designs so it is difficult not to fly through the parts. I finished the March part today and will be sending a picture to Tonia tonight asking April. Anyway, here is a picture of March finished.

Today I finished off a biscornu that I can’t show you a picture of just yet. This is for the HOE biscornu exchange. It is all packed up and ready to be taken to the post office tomorrow. It hasn’t got very far to travel so I might have a picture for you soon. Tomorrow I’ll be working on the Monthly Challenge on Jayne’s Attic Message Board. I’m looking forward to working on it.

I’ve spent a big part of this weekend helping my girls with their homework. Hjálmfríður Bríet had a project that she had to finish and hand in tomorrow morning that was really time consuming. I think I told you in a previous blog entry that I like to have my knitting needles with me when I help the girls out when it is possible. Over the weekend I managed to finish 3 projects knitting. All of those had been started and only needed a minimum work to finish. Here are pictures.

First there is a “Kiss Me Dishcloth”. I did join a group on yahoo where they have a Discloth KAL. You get a pattern of a discloth sent to you in 7 parts – one part each day. I have never knitted a discloth before but I thought it was a lot of fun and quite an easy task as I only did a small part daily. I must warn you the photo isn’t very good, the wording doesn’t show well. It says Kiss Me and there is a picture of lips below.
Discloth KAL

The next project was a pair of mittens that I had started for Hjálmfríður Bríet. I finally finished knitting the second thumb. This is an icelandic pattern and I used some Lopi light wool for it. I simply love this pattern and I might make some more mittens using the same pattern. Hjálmfríður Bríet did choose the colours herself and I think it looks very pretty.

And I finished a pair of socks for Friðbjörg Lilja. I had knitted the first sock ages ago and then had the second sock missing. But it knitted up quite quickly. Those are made with Regia sock yarn and she hasn’t taken off her socks since they were finished.

Well, I think that’s it for now. This post has been quite long and you deserve a medal to be still reading. I really hope you will all have a nice week ahead of you. I am looking foward to talking to you all again, hopefully soon. At least I’ll have an update for you on tuesday on my Nature’s Home Afghan.

Until then, take care, hugs and kisses.


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Last night I kept on stitching on my Nature’s Home Afghan. Lots more colours added this time. I did stitch some more this morning as I am staying home from work today with a sick little girl. I’ll make it quick this time and just post the pictures so you can see my progress.

First a picture from last week

And a picture from last night

Still a long way to go with this block as it is more than half way filled with stitches but I am looking forward to stitching on it again as it has a lot of fun colours to stitch. But I’ve put it away for now.

Moving on to my rotation stitching again. Next in line is the 2007 Ozark Sampler SAL. Not much left to stitch on it so we will again see a finish. I am not unhappy with that but it leaves me with a dilemma of what to put into all those empty slots in my rotation for my next round. 😉

Hope you have a lovely day, take care and I’ll write more later.

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My stitching has been slow going during the last day. Not sure why, have been tired in the evenings and mostly ended up in front of the TV snoozing. But I did however manage to finish the Warwickshire Ring slot of my rotation. 10 hours more are done and I’ll move on to the Ozark SAL from 2007 on Wednesday. Here is a picture of my Warwickshire Ring where I left off last night.
Warwickshire Ring

Today and tomorrow I am working on my knitting, an exchange and Christmas Ornament for a challenge. I have quite a lot of homework help to do today so I’ll have my knitting beside my and I might have a picture to show you of a knitting finish at the end of the day. We’ll see about that.

Yesterday I spent the morning going around knitting and stitching shops, just looking around. I did buy some little things that I needed. Buttons for finishing and some yarn for my future knitting projects. All the girls need socks and two of them have requested some mittens so I won’t be bored. 😉

I’ll end with a picture that I took the other day. My youngest daughter Jóhanna Brynja was playing with her dad and was doing his hair. This was the outcome, she was so proud.
Jóhanna Brynja and Rúnar

Hope you all have a wonderful sunday. Take care and I’ll talk to you all soon.

Hugs and kisses.

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Tuesday evening I spent stitching on my Nature’s Home Afghan again. As I told you in my last update I am determined to finish off the tree before moving on to some other blocks with more colour. And believe me I can be very stubborn when I have my mind set on something. So, on tuesday evening I stitched with a lot of brown again and I managed to finish off another block. I feel like this is going wonderfully and I can actually start to believe that I WILL finish this in 2009. 😉  Julie – You must keep MrStick on my back there…….LOL  😉  I actually look forward to Tuesday evenings and my stitching on Nature’s Home. Rúnar is always working every tuesday evenings so I once Jóhanna Brynja is in bed I have the evening to myself and my stitching. Sometimes (like last tuesday) I really loose track of time and keep stitching until Rúnar shows up home from work just after 1am. Well, enough of my talking – here are the pictures you are waiting for.

First the one from last week

And then the one from this week

Helen was wondering if she could see an overview picture. Sure you can Helen. Here is the overview picture that I took today.
Overview 03.02.2009

Next week I’ll be working on the bottom right corner. I’ll be finishing off the last part of the tree trunk and finally we’ll also see a rabbit, some grass and some flower so I’ll bring in a lot more colours next week but I do not expect to finish off the block in one stitching. So please come back on Wednesday next week to see my progress (of course I’ll love to have you visit me before). 😉

I haven’t been stitching anything tonight. I was planning to continue stitching on my rotation. I am currently working on The Warwickshire Ring but it is going very slowly. I was just going to catch a glimpse on the news tonight before I started stitching but I fell asleep and slept for almost 2 hours. ;-(  I was a bit disappointed but I guess I needed the sleep.

Well, I am off tonight – thank you once again for your visits I really appreciate it. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Take care, hugs and kisses until next time.

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As it is the 1st of February I decided to work on the February part of the Oakhaven design SAL that I am working on. And it didn’t take long, I had it finished in about 2 hours. I love the 12 different hearts and enjoyed stitching this part. Here is a picture.
February SAL Oakhaven

Tonight I’ll be working on a biscornu for a Biscornu exchange on HOE. I have the front side almost done, then there is the back and stitching the pieces together. I really enjoy making biscornu projects. Of course I won’t be able to show you a picture yet but I can tell you that the main colour is purple.

Well, that’s all for tonight folks. See you all later.

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