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More house pictures

I told you I’d be back today with more pictures of my new house. We signed the papers for the house and got the keys on April 14th. A lot has to be done before we can move in but things have taken much less time than anticipated. The following pictures show the state in which the house was once we got the keys. Lets look at the ground floor first. Once you walk into the house you come into an entrance.

This is the front door, in the back you can see where the guest WC is supposed to be. What is missing is the wall into the guest WC and the wall between the entrance and the kitchen.

From the entrance you walk into a small hall, to the left is the stair up to the second floor.

Next to the stairs is the living room, there is a nice little corner ideal for our piano.

This is the other end of my living room. Notice the door that lead into our garden. We plan to build a patio outside this window later.

To the right from the small hall is my kitchen. The kitchen has the two windows in the back.

Looking up the stairs you see the roof. Lets take on the stairs and go to the second floor.

In the back you can see a door leading into a big balcony. The family/tv room is in the corner. The window closest to us is in Johanna’s room. There are still quite a few walls missing at this stage.

The master bedroom is in the left corner (has two windows), then we have the family/tv room in the right corner.

In the other end we have Fridbjorg’s room in the left corner (it has one big window), then we have the big bathroom (with the little window) and finally Hjalmfridur’s room in the right corner.

Here you have Hjalmfridur’s room in the left corner, in the middle comes my laundry room and in the right corner you see the window in the master bedroom.

And finally we have the garage, in the back of the garage there will be a small storage room with a door that leads into the garden (hopefully to the patio before long).


So, now you have got the grand tour of my new house. I know it takes a lot of imagination to try to think how it will look in the end. Mind you those pictures were taken a little more than a month ago once we got the house. A lot has been done since then and things have gone more quickly than I had ever hope for. I won’t give you more pictures this time though, but I will be back tomorrow with some more. 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful day, take care.


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