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I really think my rotation is working out fine. I have another Happy Dance of a WIP that I hadn’t been working on. This time it is a project that I started working on when the icelandic stitching group Allt í kross had a Quaker Mystery SAL going last year. Somewhere on the way I got sidetracked with other projects to stitch and this pieces went into my stitching box. I really love the finished piece and now I have to come up with a way to finish this. Here is a picture for you all to see.

Arbre aux cerfs

Arbre aux cerfs
Freebie pattern by Gigi to be found here
Fabric – Enchanted Fabric 32ct Cafe Mocha Flair
Threads – Carries Thread (can’t remember the name)


Next in line for my rotation is the Warwickshire Ring but I probably won’t start it until next Wednesday as it is getting fairly late over here, we’ll see if there is something interesting on TV I might just stay up until Rúnar comes home from work and stitch. 😉

Tomorrow and Monday is time to stitch exchanges, I am going to start by doing a small SAL which is going at the Oakhaven group at yahoogroups. Tonia has designed a beautiful snowman for January that I’ll be stitching tomorrow. It is a quick stitch so I might just have a photo for you tomorrow evening. Then I will be working on 2 HOE exchanges that I joined. I have plenty of time to stitch those but I have already planned what I want to do so there is no use in waiting.

Tomorrow morning I am taking Hjálmfríður Bríet to a handball tournament. Her team already played 3 games on friday evening and they won all 3 games. So, she was very excited when she went to bed tonight about the matches they have lined up tomorrow. I quite enjoy going with her to watch her team playing handball. Friðbjörg Lilja is also practicing handball and her team has a tournament coming up after 2 weeks. I’ll enjoy that one too.

Well, I am going to leave you all now, hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow doing what you enjoy. Looking forward to your visit again.


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I have belonged to a birthday group in my Icelandic stitching group Allt í kross for the last 3 years and I have really enjoyed it. This year was no exception and thanks to Björg, Fanný, Bára Lind, Munda, Sessý and Sigga for the lovely birthday gifts they sent to me. I really loved everything you sent ladies and you´ve made my birthday very special this year. Here are pictures of what the girls sent to me.

Gift from Bára Lind
A gift from Bára Lind

Gift from Björg
A gift from Björg

Gift from Fanný
A gift from Fanný

Gift from Munda
A gift from Munda

Gift from Sessý
A gift from Sessý

Gift from Sigga
A gift from Sigga

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