Birthday gift from Ina

I was in a private birthday exchange with Ina from the Crazy Exchange group. Ina had already had her birthday in August so I had sent her a birthday gift. Ina sent me a beautiful birthday gift. Her stitching is so beautiful and the finishing is just perfect. Here is a picture of the stitched ball.
Stitched ball

And another picture of the whole exchange.
Birthday gift from Ina

Thank you ever so much for this beautiful gift Ina. I really love it.


Birthday celebrations

Can’t believe how quickly the weeks seem to pass. Since I’ve posted here the last time I’ve had my birthday and birthday celebrations.

On October 11th, I had a big birthday. I turned 40 years old this time. We decided to celebrate in London, England just the two of us. So, on October 8th, we left for London, my husband and I. We had an intienary full of exciting things and I got to plan the trip (mostly). 🙂  We spent 6 wonderful days in London.

The day we arrived (thursday) we just walked around, went for a walk in Bayswater and ended up in St. James’s Park which is my favourite park to visit in London. And of course we caught a glimpse of Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus. We woke up early on Friday morning, had a full English breakfast at the hotel before leaving to visit “The Knitting & Stitching Show” at Alexandra Palace. This was the first time that I go to a show like that. I really enjoyed myself. I did some stash buying as well, not a lot but some. I got 5 different pieces of fabric, 32ct linen in natural colours. I also bought some buttons and ribbons, WDW and GAST for a project that I am going to start soon. And when visiting the Michael Powell stall we bought one of his kits. It is called “Cottage Garden 1”. I also bought a magazine “The World of Cross Stitching”. Friday evening we met up with 2 stitching friends from Belgium and their husbands. It was lovely to meet Iris and Pascale from the Crazy Exchange Group, we found out that we were all in London at the same time so Iris’s husband booked a table at a lovely Chinese restaurant. We spent a lovely evening together.
Early Saturday morning we went to Greenwich. It is the second time that I’ve been there and I really love it there. We saw the Old Naval Royal College. The ceiling there is so beautifully painted. Later in the day we went to Covent Garden where we met another stitching friend Carol. We had a lovely time, Carol had found 2 beading shops in the area and we visited them both together. I came away with some beads. 🙂  After that we sat down and had coffe. It was so wonderful to meet Carol again.
Sunday was my 40th birthday. We had decided to spend the day outside London. So early in the morning we went to Paddington station and bought train tickets to Oxford. We arrived in Oxford in the rain, did a trip with the sightseeing bus which was lovely as it managed to stay dry during the 1 hour drive. It was a good way to start the day by this tour as we had a wonderful live guide who told us about the college buildings and other interesting information about Oxford. It was raining until midday. We walked around Oxford (after buying a couple of umbrellas). 🙂  Later we found a lovely little cafe where we had English Afternoon Tea. It was simply delicious with sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, coffe cake and of course some wonderful English Tea. Once we had finished the tea the rain had cleared and we saw some sunny skies again. We climbed the stair up to the tower of one of the colleges and saw the beautiful view from the top. We finished the day by walking down to the canal to enjoy the view of the narrowboats and dreaming of another narrowboat holiday similar to the one we had last year. 🙂  We caught a train back to London in the evening and came back very tired but satisfied with a great day.
Monday was spent shopping. We went to Oxford street and did the shopping we had planned to do. I bought some new clothes for the girls and something for myself as well. Tuesday morning we checked out of our room at the hotel, we could keep our luggage at the hotel as our flight back home wasn’t until the evening. We finished the shopping, went to a small knitting shop close to Carnaby Street called “All the fun of the fair“. I bought some buttons there and also some bubble yarns to make fun scarfs for the girls. In the afternoon we went back to the airport to pick up our luggage before going back to the airport with the train. It was a fantastic trip and we enjoyed a lot spending few days together just the two of us. My mother moved into our flat while we were away to take care of the girls.

Before we left Rúnar and the girls had given me my birthday gift. For the longest time I had been wanting to stitch something Icelandic and I had a special project in mind that I liked. This project is called “Riddarateppi” or translated (the knights wall hanging). Well, when I opened my gift that is what I received. The pattern of the “Riddarateppi” and all the material I need to complete it. Here is a picture of the wall hanging how it is supposed to look when it is finished.
Picture of the wall hanging
And this is a picture of the material needed.
Material for the wall hanging

The yarn that is used for it is icelandic wool. It is very big and will take long time to finish. It is stitched in old icelandic cross stitch (long armed cross stitch)

I’ll put in pictures of other gifts that I received in a few more posts. So, keep on visiting my page for updates. 🙂

I stitched some more today and quite enjoyed it. I was feeling much better today, no fever, less caughing but still some headache and being tired. I am going back to work tomorrow, hope I’ll stay OK.

This morning I finished my slot for “Under the friendship tree” by Mirabilia. I really enjoyed it. I finished the cross stitch in the flowers/apples on the top and started stitching on the dress of one of the little girls. This is how it looked like as I packed it away this morning.

After taking a nap (how refreshing it was) I decided to dig up the Oakhaven SAL that I started at the beginning of the year. I did quite well until I had finished April but then things started to slip but now I intend to finish it quite quickly. I finished of May today and it was less than an hour stitching. It is looking pretty, now I just have to post my picture on the list and request June.

Oakhaven SAL may

Now, I have to decide what I want to stitch next. I saw a very pretty Christmas SAL that has just started and I think I might just start that, maybe later tonight. We’ll se about that. 🙂

Anyway, I am off to send the girls to bed. All the best to you.

Some progress made

I have been working on some new fresh ideas for my stitching routine and I have something new that I’d like to try. I have been working on Nature’s Home Afghan for what seems like ages and I would like to get things moving as I really love this project and would like to see it finished sooner than later. So, I have come up with a new plan. I am going to make Nature’s Home my focus piece in my routine. I am going to keep it simple.

  1. Nature’s Home Afghan (5 hours slot or more if needed).
  2. WIPs list (whaterver project that is next on my list).
  3. Small projects, SALs, exchanges or whatever I’d like to do.

This sounds pretty flexible, each slot has an estimated 5 hours work, more if needed. I’ll try out this rotation for a while and see how it goes. I did work on Nature’s Home Afghan yesterday and was able to finish another block. Here is a picture.
I really love working on it like I said before and I want to give it more attention. I’ll try to get a decent view from the whole afghan later today but won’t promise a nice one as the weather is a little bit grey and dull.

I worked on the next slot in my routine yesterday and stitched about 4 hours on “Under the Friendship Tree”. I’ll post a picture of that one when I am done working on it this time. And then I have to decide what I am going to work on during my “free slot”. Pretty exciting isn’t it. 🙂

I have got some exciting things to share with you. I have my 40th birthday coming up on October 11th. I’ve been tossing and turning over whether to have a big party or just do something special with my husband. Well, we finally decided, the flight and hotel is booked and we are going to London for 6 days, just the 2 of us. We haven’t had a holiday together just the two of us since I turned 35 years old – yes, that is 5 years ago. It is high time to do something special together. I am so excited about this trip. My mother will move into our flat and take care of the girls for us. That is a perfect solution as both the older girls have school during our holiday and the youngest one will go to her day care centre. Anyway, we have some pretty nice things planned for our holiday. Apart from just enjoying ourselves and enjoying each other’s company, we are planning to visit a market (either Greenwhich or Portobello), have an “Afternoon Tea” somewhere nice (I have always wanted to try this but never made it happen), go for walks in St. James Park (our favourite one). And guess what, I found out that “The Knitting & Stitching Show” is on at Alexandra Palace while we are in London so I am spending friday the 9th October at the show. I have always wanted to go but the timing was never right. I am pretty excited about the show and my husband is even going with me (and no need to twist his arm to go). 🙂

Well, that’s a lot of news for one post so I guess I’ll leave you here. I’ve got a nasty bug (fever, cough, headache) that has kept me home from work since monday but I am getting better and will probably be able to go back to work tomorrow. Thanks to those who are still reading, I really appreciate your visits. Have a wonderful day!

What a great feeling it is too to have everything back into routine. I loved the summer and we were very busy travelling around visiting family and just having fun.

I started working again on August 10th as my summer holiday ended then. Things have been crazy at work as we have a lot of children starting day care and the adjusting period has been difficult for some of them. Things will get a bit quieter at work after about 2 weeks.

The girls started school again this week so we are adjusting to the routine that we will keep during the school year.

I haven’t been stitching a lot during the summer but I have been knitting like crazy which I really love.

At the moment I am working on children garments made of the Icelandic wool. I have finished the knitting on one pullover and am working on the next one. I will use the weekend to do the finishing. Weave in the ends and I need to put a zipper in the front of both pullovers. This will be a challenge for me as I have never done this before. Here are pictures of the pullovers.

Peysa handa Ellu


I also want to show  you a picture of a pullover that I made for Guðrún María and we gave it to her for her birthday. I am so proud of this pullover. This is the first time that I crochet the buttonholes at the front and they came out just perfect.

I am working on a routine for my stitching and knitting that I am starting at the beginning of September. I am eager to start stitching again as I really miss it. I am looking forward to my quiet evenings of crafting and making nice things this autumn and winter.

Until I see you again which will be quickly I think. Hope you have a wonderful day.

I think it is time to say “Hello” again. Time has really flown over here. A lot of things have been going on, everything good I am pleased to say. Work has been kind of crazy lately, lots to do to prepare for next school year, etc. The 2 older girls have started their school holidays, they have been spending quite a lot of time with their grandparents (my mum and dad) which is great. We have started our camping trips again, already went on two trips in June which we like a lot. The first one was a weekend trip and the second one was a family trip with Runar’s family where we celebrated the 85th birthday of my father-in-law. We spent 6 days together with them and had a wonderful time. It was good to see everybody and it was so wonderful to have some days off on a holiday. Now I’ll be working for 2 more weekend and then I’ll be on holidays for 4 weeks. It will be so great. We have got a lot of camping planned for the summer holidays so I don’t know how much you will see me blogging but I’ll try to pop in every now and then with some pictures.

I have been knitting a lot lately. I have also been stitching some but most of it is secret stitching that will be shown later on. I finished knitting a vest for Hjalmfridur Briet – I’ll enclose a picture of her. And I have finished a sweater for Fridbjorg Lilja – I still have to rinse it and let it dry before you see a photo. I have started yet another knitting project but that one will have to remain a secret for a little while. But here is a photo of Hjalmfridur Briet in her new vest.
Hjalmfridur Briet

I received a beautiful return exchange from Pascale in Belgium last week. It is so beautifully done and words really can’t describe who much I like it and I think the pictures that I took don’t do it justice at all. Thank you ever so much Pascale, I will cherish this stitchers wallet, it is wonderful. Pascale also enclosed 2 patterns from my wishlist and the thread the patterns call for. Here are some pictures.
Pascale - outside wallet
This is the outside of the stitchers walletPascale - inside wallet
Here is the inside, look at all the details, it is so beautifully finished and every detail is so very well thought of.Exchange from Pascale
And finally here is a picture of the whole exchange. Again thank you so much Pascale – I really love everything.

Well, I guess it is high time for me to stop now. Thanks to everybody who still come around for a visit to my blog. I will post on and off during the summer but it won’t be regular. Hope you are all having a great summer and will be having a lot of fun during your holidays.

Take care, hugs and kisses to you all.

I have been stitching on Nature’s Home Afghan once again and I have finished another block. This block was a fairly quick stitch and an enjoyable one. Here is a picture of the finished block.
Block finished May 12th 2009
I don’t know how much time I’ll have to stitch over the weekend but hope to get some stitching time though as I feel I really need it.

Take care and stay safe over the weekend.